Sunday, 16 November 2014

"The early bird gets the worm, 

but the second mouse gets the cheese!"

~David Jakovac

I woke up at 5am yesterday morning, heart started racing, butterflies in my belly, feeling like I was about to take an exam. Anxiety attack? No, not at all. Despite the heart, the butterflies, I felt a deeper sense of anticipation, 
POSITIVE anticipation.

It was PICK OUT PUPPY day! (I'd never done anything like that before!) 

pile of snoozing chocolate pups
So... we were given a ride to Haverhill, Suffolk (about an hour and a half) by S's Mum and Dad. The breeder was waiting for us and led us into a room adjoining her house. Very quickly Ruby was shuffled out of the room with some treats to the back garden (to join us later once we had a first look at the puppies), and Mrs. Breeder had taken from a pile of snoozing chocolate pups three beautiful little girls to choose from.
beautiful Ruby, with hungry camouflaged girls,
appearing to give S a look of approval :)
Soft as whipped cream,  tinier than I imagined, one was handed to S, one to S's mum, and one to me. I only regret now not sticking with S as a team because as we juggled the pups, cradled them and watched them stumble and play, S was growing attached to one pup, while I was growing fond of another! When all was said and done, after very wisely advised to 'go outside and have a talk' by S's Mum, we settled on the little dear who appeared to have stolen S's heart while no one was looking. I realised I had spent the least time watching and cuddling her, and when I did, the little biscuit captured my heart too.

So you could say, the early bird gets the worm, 
but the second mouse got the stunningly sweet, calm and lovely ...

Noodle Monkey-Nut


  1. Picking out puppies is always so hard. They are always all so cute!

    1. everyone told me it WOULDN'T be hard! butI know we made the right choice :)

  2. She has the sweetest temperament too. Love her already.

  3. Hi... I'm just browsing blogs in the run up to getting our puppy, obsessing all things cockapoo... as you do! We're hopefully going to choose our puppy in 3wks (from another all chocolate litter), so we'll be a little bit behind you and can learn from all your mistakes ;o) I have a craft blog at the moment, haven't decided whether to do a separate doggy blog yet. Noodle looks very sweet! Lisa x