Wednesday, 3 December 2014

"Even miracles take a little time."

Brothers Grimm - The Fairy Godmother, Cinderella

*sigh* what will she look like now?
Noodle turned 6 weeks old yesterday, and I haven't seen her since 2 1/2 weeks ago. Mrs. Breeder returns from her holiday this coming Saturday,  and shortly thereafter we'll hopefully receive the photos and video we've been promised. I definitely feel sad that I'm not getting a glimpse of her in between, but I guess I just have to be as patient as I can.

I have  a feeling of sort of detached disbelief half the time, kind of like when you go on holiday to a far away place and your brain can't quite take in where you actually are. Is she really going to be here in just over two weeks? I think that's it, or maybe I'm just in a hazy bubble because I've been poorly for what seems an eternity with the bug that came and never left.

just look at those paws!!

I haven't been very good at posting in here, but I think that's partly the illness and partly the fact that I can't see Noodle in any way, or even contact anyone who is with her for questions. It's somewhat an excruciating way to wait.

In the meantime, we've been preparing for her homecoming and the flat is filling up with all things Noodle.

I'm pleased with our progress, and not too much has been spent unnecessarily. I think most of the important things are in place, with the notable exception of food. So ... Inventory time!! WHO DOESN'T LIKE AN INVENTORY?  (...this is me making believe that this sort of thing passes for any practical organisational motivation... when in reality it is mainly a way to satisfy my desire to photograph, catalogue and archive - completely impractical most times, but definitely good fun.**)

'Her Fabulous Crate', bed and Vetbed

Perhaps the most important purchase we will ever have made for Miss Noodle Monkey-Nut. The CRATE! This one found from NorfolkPetcare on ebay --  a source strongly backed by several lovely ladies on the I Love My Cockapoo forum.

Officially listed as a '36 inch 3 Door Heavy Duty Dual Coated Galvanised & Hammerite Powder Coated Dog Cage', it doesn't feel or appear as if it will disappoint. Since it will likely be big and durable enough to be Noodle's "forever room" it shall now be referred to reverently as Her Fabulous Crate.

Inside is lined with giraffe print Vetbed (more on this a bit below)
and is seen in it's temporary place for her homecoming.
Another super important purchase (but one she will very likely grow out of sooner than we'd like to admit) is her BED:
 Again, the I Love My Cockapoo forum saved me on this one. I was about to buy a nice, fluffy, comfy pillowy bed when I decided to ask pose the question. The overwhelming response was something akin to: you'd be a complete idiot if you spent money on anything that her little teeth will be ripping apart in no time flat. Cardboard boxes were even recommended. I settled on the Marchioro Perla Dog Bed, in wine colour and size 21" X 14". It has rubber feet to hold it in place and  ventilation holes in the base. Altogether sturdy and doesn't look too shabby either.

Inside is an oval fitting piece of Vetbed :

I almost feel embarrassed that I had to ask myself not too long ago "What is Vetbed, and which one should I buy?" 
Petlife Vetbed appears to be the Holy Grail of pet bedding, and the only Vetbed is the ORIGINAL Petlife Vetbed (which fortunately is available in a variety of colours and patterns). Make no mistake, it isn't cheap, but I have good reason to believe that this bedding hailed by many in the know as "nearly puppy-proof", will last many years if it wears out at all. According to Petlife, there are 7 Benefits Which Apply to Our Complete Vetbed® Range. Have a look for yourself, and check back here because if these mats don't live up to their reputation, I'll be sorely disappointed and might want to shout about it.
I bought:
  • Two 21" X 14" chocolate oval pieces (two so if one gets soiled, I can use the other while the first is washing) 
  • One 90cm X 60cm giraffe patterned strip which perfectly fits in Her Almighty Crate
WAY more cushy and thick than I even expected it to be. We even considered sleeping on it ourselves the first night. It could still happen.

Check back for more inventory fun in the next post! 

** so much fun that my current inventory will spill into another blog post as not to shock you with too much excitement at once.

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  1. Love the giraffe thingie. ( never heard of a vetbed before this). Love the pink bed. Love Noodle too. Soon she will be yours and then the fun starts. Real shame that breeder lady has disappointed you but it's nearly time to fetch her. Happy dance.