Friday, 19 December 2014

"Nearly only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades."

"Nearly only counts 

in horseshoes 

and hand-grenades." 

Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard Book)

Only ONE SLEEP LEFT before our lives change forever. I've never really truly been able to say that before -- I mean, there were things and times that would apply in retrospect, but not any that I was able to anticipate beforehand. This moment in time is truly special because of that alone.

Before I am overwhelmed with loads more interesting stuff to write about and share photos of, I thought I'd wrap up my preparation inventory...

Snugglesafe Microwave Heating Pad -- made
especially for pets. It's rock hard and can't be
punctured with needle-sharp teeth. It gets great
 reviews, and although I found it a tad cheaper,
it was one of those things seems to command a
certain price for a reason.
Another one of those things was this Tangle Teezer 
which I thought was a worthy preventative 
purchase. It's made for humans, but it was
contantly being mentioned on The Cockapoo 
Owners FB page when people were asking about 
grooming and particularly the cockapoo tendency to

have problems with matting.

Who doesn't love a chipmunk?
Especially one who crinkles and
plays dead?

KONGGGG!! Building an arsenal
of quality stuffable chew toys

for crate training.
Hedgehogs. Enough said.

(L) More Kong products. I found a seller on ebay who was doing a 3 for 2
deal (which I, um, used twice ...more Kongs in the post). Message
me if you want info on the seller! (R) Petstages Rag Rope Ball which got amazing reviews online. Plus it's super pretty.
Did I mention ONE SLEEP LEFT??

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  1. We have Snuggle Safe's too! We luv them and they can go in the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and keep us warm in the car!