Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Her little butterfly soul

fluttered incessantly

between memory and

dubious expectation."

— George Eliot (Adam Bede)

2 sleeps to go and it feels somewhat unreal. Except it is real. And as S rightly pointed out: "Every second or third of your thoughts is about puppies". I won't share the context of that statement, except to say that I have been relatively obsessed and it probably isn't always the best of states for others to endure. And all the stuff I've been reading is jumbling into one big ball of (almost) confusion.
So yes, even when out and about yesterday, I found myself wandering to the nearest PAH (Pets at Home) to 'just have a look', but also to find a water bowl, something that somehow slipped off my Noodle Prep radar... and since we know where my thoughts were, when I walked through the Silver Jubilee Park, all I could imagine was taking Noodle there to run and play. But then, it seemed a bit lonely.
Silver Jubilee Park sans The Noodle - a bit dreamy and quiet
My 'just a look' at PAH turned into a little more than just a look, obviously, but I'm pleased to say I walked out of there with only 3 items aside from Noodle's new water bowl -- which, however lovely, is pretty standard (black melamine with a stainless steel insert) and I forgot to take a photo of it!

Here's the other stuff:
Two temptations were too much - the deer is so cute
(and crinkly) I almost wanted it just for myself.
The knot was inexplicably half price and the
treats are actually practical - as a supplement to
the secret weapon (to be revealed in a future post).

Before it becomes useless to do so, here are some of the other (more practical and comparatively boring) things that have been purchased so far:
Purply cheapy fleece from IKEA. Can't knock the detail for costing almost nothing
Pink-y slightly more pricey fleece
with a distressed look that I
actually quite like. Also from IKEA.
Noodle's very own pillow! Don't tell anyone,
but stuffed inside is S's age-old stinky old
pillow that found a better purpose.

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