Monday, 29 December 2014

“I know you by heart

You are inside my heart.” 

Frances Hodgson BurnettA Little Princess

Yes, I planned and planned and planned, but I guess as happens with so many things in life, quite probably ALL things in life, nothing is ever as you expect. Certainly it has been a joy and delight having Noodle here with us for the past 9 days, but equally it has been an unexpectedly strict learning curve, filled with all the bloopers and frustration you might imagine. Time has felt scarce to write up a proper blog post, so here I'll start to catch up with some of my favourite photos since the last post. Because it's easier at the moment,  I've started a Noodle Monkey-Nut Facebook Page and also Instagram and Vine accounts which I will most times share to the Facebook page anyway. 

December 21, 2014 - day after arrival

modelling my lovely new jumper | me learning my new potty place with daddy

my first trip outside in my Alfie sling
mommy says Greta Garbo has nothing on me

in my bed with the lovely knitted
blanket Grandy gave me

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  1. Your sling looks so snug and cosy. Bet you're going to have lots of fun adventures in it.