Monday, 8 December 2014

"Time is the longest distance
between two places."

~Tennessee Williams

The waiting had started to feel like the event. Now we're within two weeks of Noodle coming to live with us and it doesn't feel real. I'm sure she'll cure us of that very quickly by wrapping us around her rather cute paws. Mrs. Breeder returned from her holiday Saturday, and I waited until mid-afternoon Sunday until I sent her a text. Shortly thereafter I received this brand new photo of Noodle! 

She sure has grown and is cute as a button (if I do say so myself)! Though, I can't say she looks exactly thrilled to be made to sit still! I reckon she was wiggling around quite a bit because the two other pictures received are a tad blurry. I wish I could stop her growing just until we get her home...  I don't want to miss an inch of it! But alas, she is too far away to visit. Only one more weekend without the little Monkey-Nut in the house. Amazing. I really need to switch to turbo gear. I suppose it's not THAT long to wait and there's certainly a LOT to do and read and learn. Is it possible for time to move too slowly and also too quickly in the same instant? Hmmm.

In the meantime, here's some more stuff:

Ancol 8"-12" adjustable collar and lead in blue tartan.
Nicer quality than I actually expected
(don't know why as both had really good reviews)
and very pretty!
I grabbed this for a really good pricewhile I was in the US 
visiting my parents. It's an Alfie Pet Reversible Sling 
by Petoga Couture. Time will tell how useful it will be, 
but it seems a good quality and I've already put it 
through the wash. I kind of like the idea of 
Noodle being camouflaged in the inside of the bag.

Also from Ancol this little thermal fleece
jacket. She'll probably swim in it for a
while, but I thought it couldn't hurt
to get her something warm for when
she's little. 
Especially as she'll be potty
training in the winter weather. Sorry 
about the lousy photo! 


  1. Not much longer now - she is incredibly cute!!

  2. She will be a cute wee lassie. I am the lucky one who will get to see her whenever I want to, yippeee.